FitWorth is a movement intended to inspire a community wide culture shift to improve health in and around Fort Worth. FitWorthKids is designed specifically to boost current efforts by School Districts and Community Organizations in our area to coordinate resources, educate kids and families on proper nutrition and activities, and create opportunities for everyone to make healthier choices.

As a counselor, teacher or coach, you are the champion of the FitWorthKids movement. FitWorthKids offers you education tools, events, and annual structured team challenges designed to augment your current curriculum and energize your students. We want to inspire change on a family level so we encourage you to send resources and event information home.

Getting Started:

STEP 1: Choose Health

Become a Team Captain. Share challenge materials with students each week, motivate them daily and log their progress. 

STEP 2: Register Your Team

Click the Join Today button

  • Assign your students to a classroom team. (Teams may consists of 2 to 75 kids)
  • Create a team name.
  • Enter the Group ID: FITWORTHKIDS.
  • Keep your login information handy for future access to the tracking portion of

STEP 3: Track Team Success

Each week, you log information about student lifestyle habits. The goal is for them to receive the appropriate amounts of fruits & vegetables, water and activity. 

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